Keweenaw Up North Diesel Supply

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Welcome to our diesel shop! It is run by our oldest son, Bill. With Bill’s passion for mechanics and his degree from NWTC Sturgeon Bay, Bill has transformed the shop into a trusted place for classes 6, 7, and 8 diesel repairs.

Keweenaw Petroleum Services initially built the shop to maintain our fleet of trucks, but with a lack of heavy-duty parts stores in town, we started carrying parts for our fleet. 

Due to the exceptional reputation of our diesel shop and the range of high-quality parts we offer, the demand for our services grew rapidly. It became evident that there was a need in our area, so we made the shop an official business.

Bill focuses on keeping customers happy while also providing fast turnarounds. With the help of his brothers and a dedicated team of employees, we are proud to say customers are delighted. We are incredibly pleased to continue supporting the hardworking Copper Country heavy-duty truck drivers. 

Our Services

Engine Repair
Transmission (manual only)
Drive Train
Electrical Troubleshooting/Repair
General Maintenance
Brakes and ABS
Air Brakes
DOT Inspections

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Hours of Operation:
7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

We Carry A Lot of Parts!

Our large inventory of parts enables us to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions to their diesel repairs and maintenance needs.

We also carry all lube oils, grease, and DEF!

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